Healing Session Testimonials - Indra's Grace
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Healing Session Testimonials

Working with Sandra on this personal journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and healing (physical, emotional and spiritual) has been truly transformational.  When I began, I was completely locked up spiritually, emotionally and physically and in a horrible rut/slump and state of mind and body in general.  Step by step over the last year with Sandra’s presence and guidance we have identified the energetic blocks from negative emotions, stress, unhealthy relationships and habits that were holding back my life and keeping me from moving towards my full potential and towards self-acceptance and self-love.  Working to unravel the “stories” and find my true identity as a child of God and part of his loving, expanding universe.  As a result of our work together, I have been inspired to make many changes in my life for the better and have been able to deal with the most stressful personal and business issues of my life without feeling depressed, overwhelmed and without giving up.  I have lost over 40 lbs; I have more energy, clarity and the ability to be present with myself and with others.  I have come into contact with divine energy and my true self.  I still have plenty of work to do but now I have the confidence and conviction and peace to continue the journey.  I love the direction I am heading. I am forever changed.  I am forever grateful.

-Hunt P.


Sandra has helped me with tools to engage myself in a dialogue about my reality and my experiences within that reality. I started 2020 thinking it was the worst year yet, however, with renewed perspective, I quickly understood it as a year of growth and gratitude. We are the leaders upon our journey and we get to make the choice of how we continue down that path. Thank you to Sandra and Indra’s Grace for helping me BELIEVE the reality that I am in control of my experience and for guiding me into and demonstrating how to use my tools. One-on-one sessions are amazing and has been the best way for me to learn. Yoga classes are incredible and I love that there is a variety to learn what works for you.

-Natasha R.


Sandra’s personal healing sessions are priceless. I began working with her in private healing sessions early in 2018. I was feeling very lost at the time not knowing what to do or who to talk to when a lot of heavier emotions had resurfaced after more than 10 years. I read about her healing sessions and decided to try one. I can’t begin to describe how much these have helped me since then. Sandra provides such a safe, supportive and powerfully healing presence in her private sessions. I now sleep better, I have better tools to stay more level-headed and grounded, and have learned how to better care for myself. I can not recommend her enough!

-Dan H.


Recognizing that Sandra’s healing sessions are different for each individual, I am profoundly grateful for what they have brought to my life.  As a single mom of young twin boys facing an inflection point in my life, Sandra holds the space for me to breathe, believe in myself and practice the grounding which I am seeking. Her strength, expertise, listening ear and humility bring to life an openness to safely feel rather than think my way through my journey.  In the frenetic pace of today’s world, being able to slow down enough to feel is boundless in its overall effect for me.



I have worked with Sandra for a year doing one on one energy work. There are no words to describe how amazing Sandra is and the healing my mind, body, and soul have experienced from working with her. The moment you walk into Indra’s  Grace you can feel the warmth and love that the space and Sandra provide to assist you in your journey. I am a mental health therapist and I educate my clients on the importance energy work has in healing the body. In the last year working with Sandra I have experienced a greater understanding of who I am, I have grown in my spiritually, and I have been able to release energy that has caused negative impact in my life. Sandra is a blessing to all those she works with and I am so thankful to have found her.

-Amy S.


To say that working with Sandra saved my life would be an understatement. I know this is one of those things people say in an effusive or gushing sort of way, but I share this from a deep and reflective place. Sandra and I began our partnership to support me in dealing with significant medical and health issues for which I was experiencing limited healing through traditional methods. I tiptoed into the “woo-woo” nature of pure awareness, embodiment practices and energy healing hopeful, yet mildly skeptical. Sandra offered a safe space along with gentleness, patience and loving guidance while I explored the possibilities and expansion her offerings might provide. I was converted rather quickly. I began to experience shifts in my energy, attitude, feeling-space and body. I continued to work with her weekly through a particularly difficult time, both live and virtually, continuing to grow into more optimal ways of being, both with myself and in the most challenging of relationships. It is hard to say what I love most about Sandra. One, and this is a big one for me, she walks the walk. Her commitment to her own practice, and belief that anyone who serves others must have one, is both profound and obvious. She can only hold the space and offer guidance for others by stepping out of the way and allowing spirit, consciousness or whatever one calls it, to come through her as a conduit. Sandra does not profess to be a guru, expert or know what’s best for anyone else. Instead, she helps me access this from within myself. Second, she provides resources and exercises that I can use between sessions. This has included meditations, book recommendations, chants and kriyas that have become part of my daily self-care rituals. These have helped me to develop self-trust, become capable of receiving, set boundaries, detach from problems and see them as both data and opportunities. Last, but certainly not least, Sandra loves me.  She loves.  And that love is felt through every interaction. She sees the pure soul in front of her and meets that soul with unconditional love, acceptance and a spirit of service. I cannot imagine ever not having Sandra in my life. I leave my sessions with her renewed, inspired and invigorated to press forward with playfulness, joy, curiosity and trust in the unknown aspects of my life. I am excited to watch how my life continues to unfold. This is a radical shift for me.

-Kim C.


Working with Sandra is an instrumental part of my practice. Sandra has an intuitive, thoughtful, and loving approach. She has a way of framing experiences so that the practitioner feels at ease in their mind and body. Using a therapeutic somatic approach she not only allows you to use your words but also feel into your body in a way that you may not have had access to otherwise. She is unworldly wise and is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

-Sydney A.