Jaguar Path - Shamanic Certification Program - Indra's Grace
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Jaguar Path – Shamanic Certification Program

with Ray Crist, Founder of the Jaguar Path

Indra’s Grace Yoga is now an affiliate of The Jaguar Path. We are honored to share with you this upcoming training. If you are interested in growing your skillset of healing techniques, we can’t recommend this program highly enough!


Through this 9-month training and rebirth you will learn the healing techniques of the Andean Shamans and evolve on all levels!


In three trimesters you will experience the full Inca Trilogy


  • 1st SERPENT-Letting go of the past
  • 2nd JAGUAR-Finding your voice and power of the present
  • 3rd CONDOR-Rising above and taking charge of your future


Visit the Jaguar Path Website for more information on curriculum and dates. Make sure to use our affiliate link below if you want to register!


Register Now

With the special Indra’s Grace affiliate link.


Beginning November 2021 ending July 2022
One weekend per month – 9:00-11:30AM & 1:00-4:00PM EST

“This is a life changing training! Ray weaves these ancient healing arts in a masterful way!”

Alberto Villioldo, PhD