Mentorship Program - Indra's Grace
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Mentorship Program

Indra’s Grace Mentorship Program

An opportunity for yoga teachers to develop their skills and deepen their knowledge of yoga through personal study under the guidance of an experienced mentor.  Whether you are a first-time teacher or ten years strong, the heart of the yoga teacher is that of a lifelong learner.  This unique program allows you to have “in-action training” and apprenticeship with E-RYT 500 and certified yoga therapist Sandra Vanatko or senior Indra’s Grace teacher E-RYT 500 Jenny Reitz.



Indra’s Grace mentorship program provides a unique experience in continuing education and additional training and guidance by our school’s senior teacher. Sometimes teachers want to be mentored in a specific style in yoga; in breath work, meditation, yoga philosophy, or anatomy; in sequencing and transitions;  sometimes they want to have a senior faculty member watch them teach and review them; sometimes they want a teacher to provide insight and guidance in specific areas about which they feel uncertain. Over the course of three months, you will be guided through an in-depth study catered specifically for your desires.  You will be paired with Sandra Vanatko or Jenny Reitz who will challenge and support you to find your own voice as a teacher. The program has flexible hours and is made up of the following components:


Private Mentorship Sessions

You will meet with your mentor once per week for a discussion session. These sessions will be structured to outline your goals and objectives and discuss your progress. You will also be given reading and writing assignments relevant to your interests. (12 HOURS TOTAL)


Asana Practice

You are required to practice two Asana classes per week, either both with your mentor or one with your mentor and a second with a teacher that your mentor will recommend. A membership to Indra’s Grace for the duration of your training is included in the cost of the program. (32 HOURS MINIMUM)



Initially, you will observe your mentor’s class and have a brief discussion afterwards to answer any questions that may have arisen regarding sequencing, postures, pranayama, meditation, etc.  If your mentor deems it appropriate, you may begin to offer assistance within the class and, guided by your mentor, lead one or two poses in class. (NINE HOURS TOTAL)


Practice Teaching

Towards the end of the program, you will have an opportunity to teach two full-length “Featured Teacher” classes for IGY. Your mentor will observe and provide feedback. (140 MINUTES)


Personal Study

Your mentor will assign you reading and writing projects to complete, custom-tailored based on your personal intentions and what your mentor deems most appropriate for you. (20 HOURS MINIMUM)

Tuition & Enrollment


This program is open to those who:

  • Have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program
  • Have completed the mentorship application form
  • Currently practice at Indra’s Grace or who are known to Sandra Vanatko and/or Jenny Reitz



This unique program can start at any time to coordinate with the availability of the mentors.





To Apply/Register

Please contact to register or ask any questions!

About Your Mentors

Sandra Vanatko

Sandra Vanatko is passionate about sharing Yoga and loves working with teachers. She brings over 10,000 hours of classroom teaching experience to support holding space for you to blossom in your teaching role.  She wants to empower teachers in increasing their confidence and help them find their voice and path as teacher.  She loves the opportunity to work more closely with teachers new and experienced in this intimate setting and apprenticeship program.

Jenny Reitz

Jenny Reitz has been practicing Yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2013. She loves teaching teachers! Her goal is to assist teachers in identifying their individual strengths and – with that knowledge – empowering them to find their unique flavor and style as a Yoga Teacher. She is so excited to be a part of the Mentorship Program and can’t wait to witness the amazing things in store.