Prenatal Private Sessions Now Available - Indra's Grace
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Prenatal Private Sessions Now Available

Kasey Bell is now offering one on one prenatal sessions online.

Email us to schedule.

Kasey is a 500 hour certified yoga instructor with thousands of hours of teaching experience, a reiki master, and a mother currently pregnant with her third child. She taught yoga through her first two pregnancies and she looks forward to sharing her experience and knowledge of prenatal yoga with you.

As a yoga instructor Kasey guides you to connect to your body and feel the subtlety of the movements. She holds a nurturing space through guided breath, mindful movements, and relaxing meditation.

Her private prenatal yoga sessions offer personalized instructions catered to you and your body. Kasey can also teach you prenatal modifications to feel comfortable in any yoga class and offer yoga exercises for training for labor and birth.

Cost: $108 for a one hour session. Available online only.

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