Symphony of Serenity - Mystical Music Meditation Journey with Kennedy OneSelf - Indra's Grace
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Symphony of Serenity – Mystical Music Meditation Journey with Kennedy OneSelf

Friday, March 25
Investment $40
Register Online HERE

Indra’s Grace is excited to welcome guest musician Kennedy OneSelf to Weatherford! Join us for a Symphony of Serenity: a profoundly potent symphonic orchestration of acoustic vibration that guides the listener to the inner stillness where lasting peace resides.


As a participant in this voyage through vibration, you’ll simply lay down and relax into an experience of deep serenity that lingers long after the last sound.


This is unlike any other sound journey you can attend. The vibrational diversity is so wide that your mind will be blown into a silent state of awe.

Listening to Kennedy’s first album, which is a lot like what a live sound bath is like, will give you a better idea of what to expect.


Kennedy OneSelf is a phenomenal musician who makes his own didgeridoos and other instruments.  He has designed his music to be conducive to meditation and transformation.

My purpose in doing these sound journeys is to spread opportunities for peaceful serenity, and send reminders of our eternal nature, through experiential explorations in meditation with sound.

– Kennedy OneSelf

For Kennedy, the whole intention behind these sound journeys is to instill an experience of blissful contentedness. Listening deeply to this baffling symphony of inspiring frequencies, an unprecedented serenity arises through an effortless inquiry. Simply by witnessing, we discover our true self.

While he guides these sound journeys, he sink deeply into my own meditation. The inner silence is alive within him. He hope it finds a home inside of you as well.

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