“The Magic of Realizations” A Guest Blog Post by Diane Ellis - Indra's Grace
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“The Magic of Realizations” A Guest Blog Post by Diane Ellis

This past year has been one of the most remarkable chapters in my life. I was let go from my workplace of over ten years due to the pandemic. It was shocking and sad to be uprooted from the life and routine that had been so familiar for so long. On the other hand, a beautiful opportunity was created to be able to redirect more energy and focus into my love for the practices of yoga, meditation, and connection with the amazing souls at Indra’s Grace. Also, it has offered the gift of time. The time to be able to experience the effects of the realizations that emerge through the individual healing sessions with Sandra.

I cannot say that I understand how the healing sessions work… I don’t. There is stillness, talking, exploring comfortable and uncomfortable topics, and becoming aware of the felt sense of the body. The most amazing gift in the process is the unique feeling by the end that the comfortable and uncomfortable parts are all connected within pure awareness (and so am I). These are the beautiful, sacred instants in time when realizations arise in consciousness, and I know deep down in my bones and in my soul that all is well.

Of course, it is after the sessions end that the opportunities to participate in the realizations are presented in daily life. It is so interesting to see how past patterns will arise again, but, there has been a shift in consciousness that allows stillness to emerge and provide some space to recognize what is happening from a different perspective. An example of this followed a session where the realization that appeared was:

“A friendly universe comes from within.”

While attending the first day of a yoga teacher training weekend, we were practicing a mantra relating to addictions. I was going to have to leave early that day for a family event, and my mind was chattering incessantly with thoughts about the evening to come, how I would be ruining my perfect attendance by leaving early that day, and how I was messing up this meditation by focusing on these thoughts! Really, making myself miserable. Meanwhile, at the same time, awareness began to come online. A stillness emerged and gently (with just a touch of humor) let me know that the self-critical thoughts, and the projected belief that others were being critical toward me… was an addiction. Wow, I had not messed up the meditation at all! From this experience, there is a feeling that a door has opened, and this door leads to more compassionate thinking for myself and others.

A friendly universe truly does come from within.



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  • January Loll
    Posted at 15:13h, 21 September Reply

    Wise words, Diane. I am so glad your journey brought us together. My classes with you were the key to recovering from surgeries, and being able to return to yoga full time.

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