FAQ - Indra's Grace
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still use MindBody/FitGrid to sign up for class?


No. We are no longer using MindBody or FitGrid for studio management. Moving forward, everything will go through our website. When you visit the class schedule, you will see a button at the top right that says “Login”. Please login there and that will enable you to sign up for classes.


Will my existing pass or membership be transferred?


Yes! If you have an active pass or membership with us, it has been transferred to our new system. You should have already received an email about accessing your account. If you didn’t, keep reading.


I have an active pass on my account but the system is making me choose a payment method when I sign up for class.


If this is happening, its likely that you are already signed up for class. Login to your account and click on Bookings to see if the class you are trying to sign up for is already listed. If you do not see the class under Bookings, reach out to us and we will investigate further.


How do I access my account?


Follow these steps to access your account:

1. Reset your password here.
2. Once completed, please go back to our website to login and book.


You can find a quick Login link in the top menu or at the top right of most pages.


What if I haven’t visited the studio in a while and I want to sign up for class?


We’d be delighted to have you back! In order to sign up for class, just visit our website to create a new account and purchase a package.


Is there an app that I can use to book classes?


As of right now, no. We do not have an app. You will do everything through our website including booking classes, purchasing packages, viewing the on-demand library, and more! You can access the website from any device including computers and mobile devices.


How do I access the On-Demand Library?


You will access the on-demand library directly through our website now. We are very excited about this! Plus, if you are not already subscribed to the On-Demand library, you can now preview all of the content! So, please take some time to check it out. We have been working very hard to curate a comprehensive library of group class videos as well as special offerings like shorter practices, mantra, and meditation.


What about the 5-day on-demand classes that get emailed to us?


The 5-day on-demand class process will stay the same. When you sign up for the online class – whether you join live or not – after class is over, you will receive a link to watch the recorded class for up to 5 days.


I signed up for a future class or workshop in MindBody. Will that enrollment transfer over to the new system?


Yes, we have transferred over all future enrollments in classes, workshops, and private sessions.


What is the new processing fee?


For the past several years, we have been working hard to not raise prices despite the fact that our cost of operating has continued to increase. As we transition to our new system – and as an alternative to increasing our prices – we will be adding a small processing fee for each credit card transaction. There will be no processing fee associated with cash or check payments or monthly recurring memberships. Please note that processing fees cannot be refunded.