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Welcome to Indra’s Grace

Indra’s Grace opened its doors in January 2010. Sandra Vanatko, owner and visionary had an inspiration to create a safe and inviting space where everyone would feel welcome to practice Yoga regardless of age or level. Her dream was to open a center that was truly for everyBODY.


Indra’s Grace Yoga offers classes in-person, live online, and on-demand, so there’s something for everyone.

From left to right: Jindra Vanatko (Sandra’s Mother and Indra’s Grace Namesake); Sandra Vanatko; Jindra Vanatko

Our Story


Indra’s Grace is named after Sandra’s mother Jindra, who lost her three year battle to breast cancer in 1999. Sandra dropped the J which left Indra. Indra is a Sanskrit name for God. The one word everyone always used to describe Jindra was “graceful.” Sandra decided to name the studio in her mothers honor. Indra’s Grace means God’s Grace, God’s Blessing, Mother’s Blessing, or Mother’s Grace. Inspired and motivated by her mother and in search for answers on how to stay healthy Sandra researched movement therapies, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, spiritual practice, and the importance of “satsang” community. Indra’s Grace is this offering.


Indra’s Grace offers both group and private Yoga classes (in-person and online), crystal bed healing sessions, and personal healing sessions. We hope you will come join us and find what you need to support your journey towards wholeness.


Sandra thanks all that have been instrumental in life and in the opening and growth of the studio. First and foremost, she thanks her creator, God. Second, her mother for her inspiration, third her teacher Shashi Pottathil for helping awaken her spiritual path, fourth her father for giving her the courage to open Indra’s Grace, fifth her meditation teachers Dr. John Churchill and Annette Knopp who have been instrumental in helping her remember her true nature, and sixth to all the students and community of Indra’s Grace. Without them there would be no Indra’s Grace. It is an honor and a blessing to serve the Weatherford community.  Thank you from the bottom of our heart for being here!


Learn more about Sandra here.

Safe Space Statement


As we increasingly become aware of the misuse of power in spiritual and yoga communities and society at large, we recognize the necessity for our practitioners and teachers to hold utmost respect for maintaining a neutral, safe and sacred space in service of our community. We recognize the dangers of power dynamics in general and of spiritual authority in particular and we feel the pain of this misconduct.


Indra’s Grace values diversity, equality, and inclusion, and fosters a safe, neutral space to facilitate self-transformation through yoga. The culture at Indra’s Grace is designed to make everyone feel welcome and free from judgement, regardless of any differences (such as body weight, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender). The culture maintains professionalism, harmony, and integrity. This neutral, non-judgmental space, not affiliated with any religious tradition or political party, fosters a welcoming place for everyone. This culture allows us to hold space as students explore their personal yoga practices and self-transform in a comfortable environment. This culture creates a safe, and nurturing environment with a supportive, inclusive community to facilitate a more empowered, creative, healthy lifestyle. It is our hope Indra’s Grace Yoga provides a nurturing and supportive path for everyone.


Our vision is for Indra’s Grace to be a safe, joyful place to experience community and to connect with people engaging in practices such as yoga, meditation, energy work, wellness and teacher trainings. We sincerely hope that our studio is nourishing and supportive to you on your path.

Karma Seva
(Energy Exchange) Program


Indra’s Grace offers both a Seva and a Work/Study program in which volunteers become fully immersed at Indra’s Grace. The idea of selfless service (seva) is an important concept in yogic traditions.  We also believe in work/study to support those in economic uncertainty and give them the opportunity to take group classes within our community.


We are looking for reliable, enthusiastic and dedicated students who are interested in giving to our community.  Dependability is key. Your support role helps Indra’s Grace to be the special community it is. We are asking you to apply only if your life has space for this commitment.  We need support with the basic maintenance of the studio, since it takes a great deal of care and love to make the studio a sanctuary for people to practice in. We are proud to be one of the cleanest, most nurturing beautiful studios in north Texas.  We need help with a variety of tasks, including, support welcoming and orienting new students; maintaining the organization of the studio; assisting the front desk and a variety of other tasks and forms of service.  We also need support with errand running and marketing.


Seva Program

Love your community?  Has Yoga practice at Indra’s Grace helped you and you want to find a way to give back?  Please join our seva program!  We are looking for  students wanting to volunteer time weekly.  This program will allow you to immerse yourself in our community.  Indra’s Grace welcomes dedicated students interested in seva (selfless service) for a variety of jobs at the studio and in the community.  We are looking for anyone wanting to volunteer their time with student check in, cleaning of the studio, marketing, organizing, errand running, and more that would help maintain the studio.


Work Study Program

Our work study program offers individuals in transition an affordable opportunity to immerse themselves in yoga and re-evaluate their lives while participating in a peaceful spiritual community.  Indra’s Grace work study program provides the opportunity for you to come and contribute your gifts in service to the community. The Indra’s Grace work-study program is for people who are passionate about yoga and want to be more involved in the Indra’s Grace community. Our front desk and cleaning positions require at least one shift per week, with a minimum commitment of three months. Work-study staff must demonstrate respect, reliability and accountability. In exchange, you receive one class for each class check in you do (about a 40 minutes of work).


Work/Study duties for Check-In shifts include:

  • Coming to the studio 30 minutes before class to clean the studio (sweeping floors, checking bathroom, arranging props, and setting the thermostat), and staying 15 minutes after to tidy up or check in the next class.
  • Using our software to sign in students (we will train you on how to use MindBody Online free of charge.
  • Making sure the reception area and entrance are clean and welcoming.


We have a limited number of positions available. If interested, send us an email to fill out our application.  If positions are filled we can add you to a wait list.

Manduka Affiliate Program


Do you need props or a yoga mat to stock your home studio? Indra’s Grace is now a Manduka Affiliate which means that if you follow the link below and use the coupon code, the studio will get a portion of the purchase. So, thank you in advance! Your support means everything to us.


We know your routine and yoga practice has shifted in recent days.  With uncertainty surrounding us, we believe now more than ever is the time to lean into our practice.


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