On Demand Library - Indra's Grace
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Want to take unlimited online yoga classes anywhere, anytime? 

Experience yoga whenever and wherever you desire! With our On-Demand Library Subscription, you gain access to our extensive collection of pre-recorded classes. Dive into a variety of sessions, from gentle hatha to strengthening flow, and practice at your own pace. Whether it’s sunrise or midnight, you have the freedom to choose when you roll out your mat.

Benefits of the On-Demand Library

  • Hundreds of classes to choose from with more added weekly including Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Kundalini, Gentle & Senior, and Vinyasa
  • Exceptional flexibility – create your own schedule and practice on your time
  • No class sign-up required – just browse the library and pick
  • Boutique yoga offering that is suitable for all ages and all levels
  • A therapeutic, high quality style of yoga you won’t find anywhere else where our incredibly experienced teaching staff focuses on teaching you – not just guiding you
  • Classes that emphasize not only postures but also breath work, mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction


Preview our library below!

Meet our teaching team

Each teacher at Indra’s Grace is highly trained and attuned to offering yoga in a way that is compassionate and inclusive.


Monthly Subscription



This monthly subscription is good for the On-Demand Library (no live or in-person classes). It will renew monthly. However, you have the option to cancel at any time by emailing us.

Platinum Membership


With our Platinum Membership, you get access to not only the On-Demand Library, but also all in-person and live online classes. This membership option will renew monthly. However, you have the option to cancel at any time by emailing us.