On Demand Library - Indra's Grace
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Want to take unlimited online yoga classes anywhere, anytime? 

Introducing an all-new, more convenient way to take classes on-demand with Indra’s Grace Yoga: The On-Demand Library (think Netflix for Indra’s Grace yoga classes!).

Ready to access the on-demand library?

Click HERE

(Sign in with your MindBody credentials to preview the library.)

Benefits of the On-Demand Library

  • Hundreds of classes to choose from with more added weekly including Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Kundalini, Gentle & Senior, and Vinyasa
  • Exceptional flexibility – take an unlimited number of classes on your time
  • No class sign-up required – just browse the library and pick
  • Unique offerings and a style of yoga you won’t find anywhere else
  • Classes that emphasize not only postures but also breath work, mindfulness, and meditation
  • And more!

Meet our teaching team

Each teacher at Indra’s Grace is highly trained and attuned to offering yoga in a way that is compassionate and inclusive.

How do you access the on-demand library?

Introducing the Platinum Membership


At this time the On-Demand Library is only available with a Platinum Membership.


As a Platinum Member, you get:


  • Monthly unlimited classes – in-person, live online, and on-demand
  • Full access to the new On-Demand Library


Current monthly unlimited members can upgrade for $26/month.


Sign up to become a Platinum Member for $125/month.